Learn To Solder Kit Sale

Learn To Solder Kit Sale


Save 30% on our Learn To Solder Kit now through 11/27.

Learn how to solder with this kit that is easy to use, good for all ages, teaches soldering and electronic basics. After soldering on the components, push the momentary button and the led will light up.

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Stand Alone Arduino


Stand Alone ArduinoMaking a stand alone Arduino is actually not all that hard. Five years ago I bought enough parts to make 10 of them. The reason for choosing 10 is that at most parts suppliers you get a discount for buying 10 or more of an item.
We followed this tutorial to make them and spent about $13 – $14 on each one, which was cheaper than buying an Arduino Uno at the time.
Now you can get an official Arduino Uno for $24.95 , so let’s see if making your own is still cheaper.

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