Sleep Aids

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Here are some neat DIY projects to help you fall asleep. Sure you could buy an off the shelf product like Dodow, but where’s the fun in Read more…


Finishing Projects

Have you got your project all done and fitting inside your plastic box?  Don’t like the way it looks?  Well, Instructable author thomasC62 has got you covered.  In his Instructable Make Your Own Front Panels, Read more…


Learn To Solder Kit Sale

  Save 30% on our Learn To Solder Kit now through 11/27. Learn how to solder with this kit that is easy to use, good for all ages, teaches soldering and electronic basics. After soldering Read more…


Holiday Wish List

Happy Holidays! Check out our holiday list of microcontrollers, soldering stations, tools and books. Makers Holiday Wish List.



Resistors are one of the most common components you will come across in electronics. They are designed to lessen the amount of electricity along a particular path. A common use is to prevent LEDs from Read more…


ESP8266 Weather Station

We made yet another weather station, this time uploading our own actual data to Dweet and Wunderground.  Right now we only have temperature and humidity thanks to a SHT31 sensor.  From this we also calculate Read more…



 Please excuse the mess while we cleanup. We have moved to a new platform and expect everything to be completed in a day or two. All the same content and How To’s are here but Read more…


Zenith DIY “Radio”

We happened to find an old Zenith radio at a yard sale for not much money and decided to upgrade it, calling it Zen Radio. We removed most of the insides but kept the speaker Read more…