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Soldering Iron For One Hand

one handed soldering iron

Soldering with 2 hands can sometimes be tricky, especially when freehand soldering.  Soldering can also get repetitive. The Automatic Soldering Iron from Simple Helpful Tech could easily speed up the process.

This 60 Watt iron has a spool on the back to hold your solder and a feeder that drops the solder just under the iron’s tip. Other soldering irons top out at only 40 Watts, so 60 Watts should be more than enough power.

The Automatic Soldering Iron features a non slip handle, standard 900m soldering tip and reaches a temperature of about 800° F.

Included with the iron are 2 pairs of tweezers.  One pair is straight, the other is curved. Tweezers are great for aligning tiny parts especially if soldering smd or surface mount parts. You also get a roll of solder and a solder sucker in case you make a mistake. The solder sucker works like a vacuum.  Just heat up the area of solder you want to remove and suck it up.

Seems like the perfect soldering iron for beginners or even more advanced users.

Soldering freehand or through hole, make your next soldering project easier. Currently this iron is on sale for only $34.95 from Simple Helpful Tech.