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Learn To Solder Kit Instructions


Learn To Solder Kit Parts

 Project: Learn To Solder Kit

Level: Beginner

Time: 20 Minutes


Directions are also available in PDF format – Learn To Solder Kit Directions.

Kits available on Tindie.

You should have the following parts in your Learn To Solder Kit:

  1. Rocket Shaped PCB
  2. Yellow LED
  3. 150 Ohm resistor
  4. Battery Holder
  5. Coin Cell Battery
  6. Momentary Pushbutton

Step 1:  Momentary Pushbutton


Turn on your soldering iron and let it heat up. Insert momentary pushbutton into square labeled S1. Insert two legs on one side a tiny bit and then the two legs on the other side to get it into place.  Now push the button all the way in.  Great.  Now flip it over for soldering.  If you have a vise or helping hands it would make this part easier.

Now solder the four leads one at a time.  You should end up with something like this.  There is no need to clip off the ends as they are already short enough.

Step 2: Battery Holder

Coin Cell Battery Holder

The battery holder is inserted from the bottom where the big circle is.  The holder can fit in either way, but put the flat edge facing the top of the rocket and insert the four pins into the holes.

Now hold onto the PCB and battery holder and flip it over to solder.

Battery Holder Soldered

Solder all four pins that are sticking up.  The leads are short, so no need to clip them off.

Step 3: Resistor


Insert the resistor in the hole marked R1.  It doesn’t matter which way you insert it.  Now bend both legs out to the sides to hold it into place and flip it over for soldering.

Now solder the two resistor leads and then cut them close to the top of the solder.

Step 4: LED

Now insert the LED into hole LED1.  Remember the short lead is ground.  Insert the short leg into the left or flat side of the circle diagram on the PCB.

Now bend out both leads to the sides and flip it over to solder.

LED Soldered Bottom

Solder both leads and then cut them close to the solder.  Great, you are done soldering.  Turn off your soldering iron.

Now insert the battery into the holder with the positive or + side facing up.  Flip the rocket over and push the button!

Learn To Solder Kit Done 

Nice job, you are all done!

Rocket Launch