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WES51 50W Analog Soldering Station Weller

WES51 50W Analog Soldering Station Weller


This UL listed analog dial based soldering station from Weller is ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe to protect sensitive components.

Included is a Lockout Pencil to lock the temperature control knob so you don't accidentally switch temperatures when soldering.

Soldering station automatically switches off after 99 minutes of inactivity.

Includes WES series power unit, PES51 soldering pencil, PH50 stand, sponge and PW50 probe (lockout pencil).

Download the WES51 Manual.



  • 50 Watts
  • Voltage Input - 120 v
  • Voltage Output - 24 V
  • Slim, comfortable pencil, with ETA tip, reduces operator fatigue
  • Tip temperature offset capability
  • Tip temperature control range: 350°F to 850°F
  • Accuracy +/- 10° F
  • Iron is fitted with a non-burnable silicon rubber cord for safety
  • UL listed
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components


Quick comparison of all 3 Weller soldering stations.


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