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Learn To Solder Kit

Learn To Solder Kit 5 Pack


Got a small group to teach? Buy this 5 pack of our Learn To Solder Kit and save $10.

Only want one kit? Single Learn To Solder Kits are here.

Spark someone's imagination with this soldering kit. This kit was born out of a personal need.  Looking for an easy and fun way to teach my nieces about electronics and how to solder I created this easy to solder kit in the shape of a rocket.  Trying to teach soldering to children on perfboard is not ideal as perfboard can be a little harder to solder.  

This kit is easy to use, good for all ages, teaches soldering and electronic basics.  After soldering on the components, push the momentary button and the led will light up. Tools needed to complete this kit are a soldering iron, solder and wire cutters.

Also includes our eBook Beginner's Guide To Soldering that teaches you how to solder and free shipping.


View Online or Download PDF 

For reference also see the Circuit Diagram.  

    Parts Included (x5)

    • Rocket shaped PCB
    • Battery Holder
    • 3V Coin Cell Battery
    • 150 Ohm Resister
    • Yellow LED
    • Momentary Pushbutton

    The Learn To Solder Kit is made in the USA and the price includes free shipping.  


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