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Beginner Soldering Set

Beginner Soldering Set


All New

Perfect for the hobbyist just starting out with electronics, this package includes everything they need to get started with soldering.

The beginner package includes the BlackJack 2000 Soldering StationSolder .6mm Spool, Wire Strippers, Helping HandsConical Fine Point Soldering Tip and 0.8mm Chisel Soldering Tip.  Save 10% over buying items individually.


  • Blackjack 2000 Soldering Station
  • Solder Spool has 40 feet of standard solder
  • Wire stripper good for 10 - 22 AWG wire
  • Two soldering tips, 1 conical and 1 chisel
  • Helping Hands to hold your project while soldering

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