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Learn To Solder

The Soldering Station, your resource for learning to solder and soldering equipment.

Want to practice soldering? Check out the Learn To Solder Kit below.

Need to know how to solder? See the Beginner's Guide To Soldering below.

Need soldering equipment? Check out our Beginner's Soldering Set below.


Learn To Solder With Our Amazing Learn To Solder Kit

Learn To Solder Kit

Learn how to solder with this rocket shaped kit that is easy to use, good for all ages, teaches soldering and electronic basics.  

Includes all parts needed and light up LED.

Only $14 and includes FREE SHIPPING.

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 Get The Free Beginner's Guide To Soldering

Enter your email address below to receive your free eBook The Beginner's Guide To SolderingThe eBook quickly explains some of the basics in soldering to help get beginners started.  PDF format and 6 pages long, the eBook covers 11 topics including the following:

What is soldering?
What are the different types of solder?
What do I need to start soldering?
How should I start soldering?



Get Started Soldering With Our Beginner Soldering Set

Beginner Soldering Set

Perfect for the hobbyist just starting out with electronics, this package includes everything they need to get started with soldering.  

The beginner package includes the BlackJack 2000 Soldering Station, Solder Spool (40 ft),  Wire Strippers, Helping Hands, Conical Fine Point Soldering Tip and 0.8mm Chisel Soldering Tip.  

Save 10% over buying items individually.

Only $65.75


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