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How To's

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Here you will find tips on solder, soldering, how to solder and projects.    

Also see our other page Additional Resources for books and microcontrollers we like.

Electronic Basics

New to electronics?

1. Electronic Symbols - Graphic of symbols you might see on a schematic

Soldering Basics

 1. Through Hole Soldering - The basics of through hole soldering.

 2. Freehand Soldering - How to solder without a PCB or circuit board.

 3. Solder vs Lead Free Solder - Different types of solder.

 4. Beginner's Guide To Soldering - What is solder and how to solder.

 5. Changing a Weller WLC100 Tip - How to change the soldering iron tip.

7. Soldering Header Pins - How to solder male header pins 

Advanced Soldering

 1. Reflow Soldering - Three different methods.

Soldering Projects

 1. DIY Halloween Prop - Add motion activated leds to a plastic skull.

 2. Breadboard To Perfboard - Moving your project from breadboard to perfboard.

 3. LED Christmas Tree  - A 9 volt battery and some leds.

4. New Year's Eve Countdown Clock - An Arduino and a 7 segment display.

5. Weatherbot 3000 - Time and weather using an Arduino MKR1000 and 8x8 led display.

Other Tutorials

1. LEDs - What is the right LED for my project?

2. RGB LED - Using an rgb led and a trimpot.