Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of year again!  Here are items any maker would want as presents for the holidays.  Microcontrollers, soldering stations, tools, books and kits.


Arduino Uno

Arduino UnoArduino Uno – only $29.95 Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P. It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz quartz crystal, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header and a reset button. Get an Arduino Uno.


ESP8266ESP8266 is a highly integrated chip designed for the needs of a new connected world. It offers a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi networking solution. Can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. Only $8.79. Check out the ESP8266.



micro:bitThe BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass, LED display, and Bluetooth technology built in. It measures 4cm by 5cm, is available in a range of colors, and designed to be fun and easy to use. It can be coded with something simple in seconds – like lighting up its LEDs or displaying a pattern – with no prior knowledge of computing. Only $18.99. Get the micro:bit.

Raspberry Pi Zero W With Case

Raspberry Pi ZeroRaspberry Pi Zero W now with Wifi.  Not to be mistaken with the standard Raspberry Pi Zero, this new model has Wifi and Bluetooth built in! A bundle of the new Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless and the official Raspberry Pi Zero case. A steal at only $26.00.  Buy the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Soldering Stations

Weller WLC100 Soldering Station

Weller WLC100Weller WLC100 is an adjustable soldering station featuring 40 W, 350 degrees F to 850 degrees.  Great station for beginners.  We have had one for many years and it still works great. Only $39.70.  Check out the Weller WLC100.


Hakko FX-888D

Hakko FX-888Looking to upgrade your existing setup? The high quality  Hakko FX-888 is the perfect choice.  Heater output has been increased by 30% compared to that of the conventional models.  FX-888D delivers excellent thermal recovery by using T18 series tips for their terrific heat conductivity. This allows soldering at a lower set temperature and reducing the thermal impact on components as well as tip oxidation that can shorten tip life. Only $96.72.  Get the Hakko-FX888D.


Screwdriver Set

Screwdriver SetThe Stanley 66-039 6-Piece Jewelers Precision Screwdriver Set features swivel-head handles providing precision and reach. Bright, plated shafts are fluted for a steady, solid grip. Hardened and tempered steel blades with blued finish to resist corrosion. Perfect for electronics projects. Plastic storage case included. Only $8.05.  Get the Stanley Screwdriver Set.

Irwin Multi Tool Wirecutter

Irwin Multi Tool WirecutterThe IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter is a must-have for anyone performing electrical work. With an induction hardened cutting edge, this single tool combines a wire stripper, wire cutter, and crimper into one tool that strips and cuts 10-22 AWG, crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals, and cuts bolts to size with a perfect lead thread.

Only $4.60.  Get your Irwin Multi Tool now.


Hakko CHP-170 Wire Cutter

Hakko CHP-170 Wire CutterHakko CHP-170 Wire Cutter Only $4.47 The Hakko CHP 170 micro soft-wire cutter has an 8mm long jaw set at a 21-degree angle for flush-cutting terminal wires up to 16 gauge (1.3mm). The tool is constructed of 2.5mm heat-treated carbon steel that provides durability and long life. Precision-ground holes and surfaces provide smooth movement. Perfect for cutting off soldered leads.  Buy Hakko CHP-170 Wire Cutter.


The 3D Printing Handbook

The 3D Printing HandbookThe 3D Printing Handbook from 3D Hubs.  The 3D Printing Handbook provides practical advice on selecting the right technology and how-to design for 3D printing, based upon first-hand experience from the industry’s leading experts.  Only $29.00  Get your 3D Printing Handbook now.


Breadboard Circuits 102 - 555 Timer

 Get kids excited to learn about electronics and electronic circuits with these hands on lessons.
The 555 timer is in almost every electronic device we use and is one of the most widely used ICs (Integrated Circuit) in the world.
In this module we will walk you through making 5 different circuits like Firefly and Space Ray using the 555 timer on a breadboard along with resistors, capacitor, LEDs and a piezo speaker.

Each circuit comes with an extra credit question to make you think.
Included is a complete list of components and some suggestions on where to buy them at a great price. As an extra bonus we include a resistor color chart you can print out and hang up .
A bargain at only $8.00 .  Buy Breadboard Circuits 102 555 Timer.

Getting Started In Electronics

Getting Started In ElectronicsGetting Started In Electronics is a complete electronics course in 128 pages! Author Forrest Mims teaches you the basics, takes you on a tour of analog and digital components, explains how they work, and shows you how they are combines for various applications. Includes circuit assembly tips and 100 electronic circuits and projects you can build and test. Only $17.83.

Buy the Getting Started In Electronics book.


Learn To Solder Kit

Learn To Solder KitLearn how to solder with this kit that is easy to use, good for all ages, teaches soldering and electronic basics. After soldering on the components, push the momentary button and the led will light up. Only $8.00.  Buy the Learn To Solder Kit.

Adafruit TV B Gone

Adafruit TV B GoneTired of all those LCD TVs everywhere? Want a break from advertisements while you’re trying to eat? Want to zap screens from across the street? The TV-B-Gone kit is what you need! This ultra-high-power, open source kit version of the popular TV-B-Gone is fun to make and even more fun to use. Only $17.54.  Get your TV B Gone Kit.

Elenco FM Radio

Elenco FM RadioBuild this kit to assemble a monophonic FM receiver (88-108mhz) with electronic auto-scan. Will help you understand the basics of working with printed circuit boards. $14.95.  Buy your FM Radio now.


Happy holidays!