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Weather Station

A few years back we made a weather station.  Since then we have moved and it is now gone.  We are thinking of making a new one and thought it a good idea to review the old weather station first.

First we started out using two Jeenodes a TMP36 temperature sensor and an lcd screen.  Jeenodes are basically an Arduino with a radio built in. Here is what the outside node looked like.

Outside Weather Node

Inside we had the second Jeenode and an lcd screen setup that looked like the below.


This setup showed that using the 2 Jeenodes worked and gave us the outside temperature.

Later I updated it by adding an Arduino Yun inside so I could save data and also have a web page.  We also added more sensors outside and update the inside screen to the below.  We now have time, temperature, barometer, rainfall, windspeed, lux and humidity.  

second receiver

Using an Arduino Yun also allowed us to create a web page as shown below.

We like robots and named it after the movie Chappie.

Weather web page

Outside we had put everything inside our version of a Stevenson Screen.

 Stevenson Screen

The weather station worked pretty well and using solar panels definitely extended the life of the battery outside.  We always want to know how much it rained last night or yesterday and never could seem to get that quite right.

Have you ever made a weather station?

How would you make one today? 

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