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Weasley Clocks From Harry Potter

Fans of the Harry Potter movies will remember the Weasley family clock that tells where everyone is.  For more about the clock see the Harry Potter Wiki.  

Weasley Clock

Of course something like this makes for a great project.  We have rounded up four versions of it below and what they use to make them work.


Each project uses a different microcontroller but the first three also use a service called If This Then Than (IFTTT).  This is a service where you create recipes and can make location based ones. For example, If you enter an area, then send a text message to a phone.  You then define the area on a map and save the recipe.

The last project used a service called (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) MQTT instead of IFTTT service. 

1. Location and Food Clock  -Uses an Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi  microcontroller & IFTTT service.

2. Functional Weasley Clock (IOT Location Tracker) - Uses an Arduino MKR1000 microcontroller & IFTTT service.

3. Crafty 'Harry Potter' fan makes genius digital version of the Weasley family's clock - Uses a Particle Photon Wi-Fi Kit & IFTTT service.

4. Build Your Own "Weasley" Location Clock! - Uses a Raspberry Pi  & MQTT. 

Location & Food Clock        Functional Weasley Clock

Location and Food Clock       Functional Weasley Clock

Crafty Harry Potter Fan                     Build Your Own Weasley Clock

Crafty Fan Clock                 Build Your Own Weasley Clock

So what are you waiting for? Get your make on and create a Weasley Clock! 

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