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DIY Guitar Pedals

music Projects

DIY Guitar Pedals

DIY guitar effects pedals combine the electronics and music worlds.  Here we are barely scratching the surface of this fun hobby.  

Basically for building a pedal you have 3 main options.  You can modify an existing guitar pedal, buy a kit or make one on your own based on schematics.

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Avoid Killing Your Plants The DIY Way

Arduino Projects

Plant Needs Water

It is fairly easy to monitor moisture levels of your indoor plant soil using a microcontroller like an Arduino Uno

Here are four simpler versions for indoor plants.  You could easily update some of these with a different Arduino like the MKR1000 which has WiFi to notify yourself via a text message or webpage.

Image from Meaghan O'Malley on Flickr has been photoshopped.

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Latest product: Helping Hands With Magnifier

Helping HandsCheck out our latest product.  Helping Hands With Magnifier because who doesn't need helping hands and a magnifying glass when working on small soldering projects?

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Valentine's Day DIY Projects


Less than two weeks away, it is time to make your special someone a present. Below are five DIY projects that involve gluing, soldering, microcontrollers, painting and general making to create  gifts for Valentine's Day.


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Weasley Clocks From Harry Potter

Fans of the Harry Potter movies will remember the Weasley family clock that tells where everyone is.  Here we show 4 versions you can make.

Weasley Clock

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