Sleep Aids

Cool Arduino Project

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night?

Here are some neat DIY projects to help you fall asleep.

Sure you could buy an off the shelf product like Dodow, but where’s the fun in that?

1. FADing By Youz

FADingFADing or Falling Asleep Device by Youz uses a wood block, Arduino Nano and some plastic to achieve this clean look.

The device emits a light whose intensity varies during per minute. When the intensity of light increases you breathe in. When the intensity decreases you breathe out. Over time the frequency slowly decreases.



2. DODOW Clone By Gary909

Cool Arduino ProjectThis Dodow clone by Gary909 uses an Arduino Nano, some leds, resistors, 4 xAA Battery Holder , 2 SPDT switches and one pushbutton switch.

Choose between an 8 or 20 minute mode. Also has an on/off switch and a reset button.


3. SleepEZ

Lotus LampThis project uses the  Intel Edison and the Arduino IDE to create a night light that helps you sleep.  This project also uses ambient music to mask unwanted noises.  I’m not sure if this project was ever actually built or only just an idea.


Even if you don’t make one of these exact projects, they should give you enough ideas to make your own.  Good luck getting enough sleep!