ESP8266 Weather Station

Weather Station & Cat

Weather Station & CatWe made yet another weather station, this time uploading our own actual data to Dweet and Wunderground.  Right now we only have temperature and humidity thanks to a SHT31 sensor.  From this we also calculate dew point as well.

We hope to add rain and wind speed sensors as well.  The reason we use Dweet is that it is a quick way to check that everything is working.  We also upload our battery level to Dweet so we can check on it.

Currently we have the weather station set to sleep for 6 minutes,  wake up and upload the data, then go back to sleep.  Along with the 6V solar panel recharging the 2500 MaH battery, this setup should last a very long time.

We needed to connect pin 16 with the reset pin on the  Feather HUZZAH With ESP8266 to make sure we wake up after going to sleep.

Weather Station & Cat-Side View   Weather Station Inside


We found our enclosure on thingiverse and had it 3D printed.  If you sign up for an account, you can have it printed through 3D Hubs from that page.  Or you can just download the files and print them yourself.

Weather Station

See all the detail ons our how to page ESP8266 Weather Station.