Lucky Panda Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

Several years back we made a large fortune teller.  We wanted to mimic an arcade cabinet.  Instructions are displayed on the LCD screen and the fortune is printed out on a thermal printer.  We had a lot of fun building this.

Here is what the fortune looks like.


In the photo below we worked out the LCD screen, leds, RBB Board, speaker and RTC on a breadboard before soldering it together.

Mess Of Wires

In this image we are soldering the RBBB onto proto board.  RBBB or (Really Bare Bones Board, which is a cheap Arduino clone).


In this photo we are building the case.

Finished product using ping pong balls as led diffusers and panda image found online.

Fortune Teller


Lucky Panda Fortune Teller from todd on Vimeo.