Valentine’s Day DIY Projects

Valentine Robo Grinch

Wearable Glowing 3d HeartAre You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

Less than two weeks away, it is time to make your special someone a present. Below are five DIY projects that involve gluing, soldering, microcontrollers, painting and general making to create  gifts for Valentine’s Day.


LED Magnetic Heart


LED Magnetic Heart

Mastelios on Instructables created this LED heart with some earth magnets, 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery,  a 10 Ohm Resistor and a plastic DVD case.  The heart only lights up when the two halves are connected. Nice touch.

LED Magnetic Heart

Wearable Glowing 3d Heart

Wearable Glowing 3D Heart

Using a glue gun, coin cell battery and a really small led, Instructables user circuitbreaker created this red heart. He used the glue gun to slowly build up layers of glue that form the heart.  Wearable Glowing 3d Heart

Valentine Robo Grinch

Valentine’s Robo Grinch

Strapped for cash and an upcoming Valentine’s Day date, this user created the Robo Grinch from his spare parts bin. Using some oven knobs, LEDS and other assorted spare parts, Instructable user M.C. Langer ended up with a cute robot for Valentine’s Day.  The LED eyes even light up.

See the Robo Grinch Instructable.

Dark Heart


Over at Nerd Kit, they have instructions on how to make this heart with red LEDs.  They want you to buy a kit, but your could probably make this on your own with an Arduino Uno R3 Microcontrollerred LEDS, cardboard and some soldering.

Nerd Kit

DIY Arduino Pulse Sensor

Heart Rate Monitor

Using an Arduino Microcontroller and a photodiode  Instructable user ohoilett created a heart rate monitor.   I’m sure you could dress it up with red cardboard hearts to make it more Valentine’s Day appropriate.

See all the details – DIY Pulse Sensor