How To

How To

Electronic Basics

  1. Electronic Symbols


Soldering Basics

  1. Through Hole Soldering
  2. Freehand Soldering
  3. Beginner’s Guide To Soldering
  4. Lead-Free Solder Vs Lead Solder
  5. Changing Your Soldering Tip On A Weller WLC100 Soldering Station
  6. How ToSolder Header Pins

Soldering Projects

  1. DIY Halloween Skull Prop
  2. Breadboard To Perfboard
  3. LED Christmas Tree
  4. New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock
  5. WeatherBot 3000
  6. ESP8266 Weather Station

Other Tutorials

  1. RGB LED – Using an rgb led and a trimpot.
  2. LEDS – What LED is right for my project?
  3. Turtle Robot from DFRobot
  4. Ecoduuno Automatic Plant Waterer