How to create an ESP8266 based laundry reminder. Needing a way to remind myself to get my laundry out of the washing machine, I created Laundromat.  Using an Adafruit Feather Huzzah and the Pushover app, I get 3 reminders on my phone when my laundry is done.

I have an older washing machine with a green led that lights up when the cycle is complete.  Using a light dependent resistor I measure the light level and when it is high or above a threshold I set, it triggers a message to be sent.

This repeats it self for a maximum of 3 times or 3 messages.  When the lid of the washing machine is opened the led is turned off.


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Raspberry Pi Zero W

Camera Trap

While this project did not include any soldering it is still fun and enjoyable. I have made a Naturewatch camera using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a camera.  The software is from Naturewatch.

The idea was to create a camera that senses movement then takes a picture so you can photograph wildlife.  Currently the setup is aimed at my bird feeder.

This particular setup is nice because you can interact with the camera through WiFi and not have to go outside and remove the SD card to retrieve the photographs.

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A new tariff starting July 6, puts a 25% tax on some things imported from China into the United States.  Wikipedia defines a tariff as:… Read More »Tariffs