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A new tariff starting July 6, puts a 25% tax on some things imported from China into the United States.  Wikipedia defines a tariff as: A tariff is a tax on imports or exports between sovereign states. It seems the tax will only effect smaller parts, not fully assembled devices like tvs or cellphones. We wonder how Read more…

Burlington Maker Faire

Maker Faire

Coming to Burlington, NC on 4/28 is the Burlington Maker Faire.  We went last year and had a great time. We even saw some folks launch a weather balloon!  If you live in NC you should go. Attendance is free! You will see and learn about robots, glassblowing, 3D printing, Read more…

GE P-808A Radio

Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve been working on making an old General Electric P-808A radio from the late 1960’s into a bluetooth speaker.  These have been easy to find on eBay, usually for under $19 – $20 + shipping and they have just enough room for your components inside. The first step is to Read more…


Finishing Projects

Have you got your project all done and fitting inside your plastic box?  Don’t like the way it looks?  Well, Instructable author thomasC62 has got you covered.  In his Instructable Make Your Own Front Panels, thomasC62 goes over how to make your project look more professional by using heavy printing paper, Read more…


Learn To Solder Kit Sale

  Save 30% on our Learn To Solder Kit now through 11/27. Learn how to solder with this kit that is easy to use, good for all ages, teaches soldering and electronic basics. After soldering on the components, push the momentary button and the led will light up. Buy Now

Resistors in series


Resistors are one of the most common components you will come across in electronics. They are designed to lessen the amount of electricity along a particular path. A common use is to prevent LEDs from recieving too much voltage. Resistors are rated in ohms Ω. A 100k or kiloohm resistor Read more…



 Please excuse the mess while we cleanup. We have moved to a new platform and expect everything to be completed in a day or two. All the same content and How To’s are here but you may find a stray bad link or two. We hope two have this all Read more…

Solar Powered Weather Station

Weather Station Roundup

  Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station This cool weather station from Instructable user deba168 uses a 3D printed Stevenson Shield , a WeMos D1 Mini with ESP8266 , solar panel , TP4506 charging board and a few other parts. We really like this look the the 3D printed case and the integration Read more…


Humidity Sensor

We currently have a moisture issue in our basement and are looking for a DIY fix. Our solution is to use an Arduino DHT22 Humidity Sensor and a fan.  This sensor cost about $9.50, which is one of the cheaper humidity sensors out there.  For right now we are just prototyping a Read more…